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data nameCountryRegionnumber of membersLast Updated Date
-Not specifiedNot specified108/02/2014
AbassIraqNot specified110/29/2013
AbbadNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
AbdaliNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
AbdouniLebanonNot specified205/17/2010
Abdul RehmanIndiaNot specified201/30/2011
Abed Al-WahedOmanNot specified105/04/2010
abu seafPalestineNot specified105/04/2010
Abu UsaibaNot specifiedNot specified110/02/2010
Abul MajidNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
Achs Not specifiedNot specified101/30/2011
Adams, Jr.United States of America (USA)Not specified07/10/2013
AgratiUnited States of America (USA)Not specified101/30/2011
AhmadNot specifiedNot specified410/02/2010
AKA’A ClotildeEquatorial GuineaNot specified105/20/2010
AkabahNot specifiedNot specified105/20/2010
Al AmeriUnited Arab EmiratesNot specified305/20/2010
Al HaideriNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
Al HajNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
Al HilliNot specifiedNot specified210/02/2010
Al IraqiNot specifiedNot specified110/02/2010
Al JamriNot specifiedNot specified110/02/2010
Al JowderNot specifiedNot specified106/11/2010
Al KaraaitSaudi ArabiaNot specified105/04/2010
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