Qusai Khouli

QusaiKhauli Khouli
Name : Qusai Khouli
Gender: Male
Father: Amid Khawli
Born: March 30, 1976 ( 40 years )
Country: Syria
Place of birth: Damascus
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Biography of Qusai  
Qusai Khouli is a well known Syrian actor.

Qusai Khouli also known as Qussai Khawle or Kosai Khouli; His full name is Qussai Ameed Khawle.

He was born on the 30th of March 1976, however his birth certificate was registered with the date of the 1st of April 1976. He was born in the Province of Tartous, a coastal city near the border with Lebanon. He is the eldest brother in a family of 4 sisters. His father is, Adeeb Khouli, a known writer and an editor of Teshreen Newspaper (October Newspaper). His father was also the head of the Syrian Revolution Newspaper (Al Thawra Newspaper).

Qusai studied law for two years at Beirut Arab University; Then joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Syria where he studied acting and theater. In 1999, He graduated and obtained his membership in the Association artists.

Qusai Khouli ranked 15 in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list. Qusai Khouli is still Single, you can find his stats below:

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hobby: Sports
Alon deceiver: Black
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite singer: Hussein Al Jasmi

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