Nadine El Rassi

 El Rassi
Name : Nadine El Rassi
Gender: Female
Father: Khalil El Rassi
Mother: Elhame Khoury
Born: September 4, 1979 ( 36 years )
Country: Lebanon
Partners & Children
p: Giscard Abi Nader
    c: Marcel Abi Nader
    c: Carl Abi-Nader
p: Hatem Hadchity
    c: Marc Hadchity
Biography of Nadine  
Lebanese actress and model "Nadine AL-Rassi" was born on September 4, 1971, in Lebanon.

She made her debut in the series "Bashawat," following that up with a role alongside "Al-Rahbani" in the play "Zannobia," and with appearances in a number of series including "Aaser Al-Hareem," "Ebni," and "Mesh Zabtah."

Making her transition to cinema, she had several memorable roles, most notably in the films "Khallek Maaya” and "Gannoja Piah," also winning the the “Mourex” award for Best Supporting Role in 2007.

Notable works

  • 2013 - series "Sana3oud Ba3d Kalil"
  • 2012 - series "Lawla AL-Hob"
  • 2012 - series "Khorm Ebra"
  • 2011 - series "Ghaltet Oumri"
  • 2010 - series "Luna"
  • 2009 - Serial the "Kalam Neswan"
  • 2008 – Khallek Maai
  • 2006 - Serial "Gannoja Piah"
  • 2005 - series "El-Hal Baiedak"

    2010 :    Fanoos Top Sexiest Arab Woman - Country Lebanon
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