Theo Theodoridis

Name : Theo Theodoridis
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America (USA)
Models , Directors , Actors
Biography of Theo  

The double life of Teo Teodoridis, the most famous Greek model, who was caught while trying to import over 4 kilos of Columbian cocaine in Greece, continues to interest the media and the community. People are swallowing with pain all news about the court status of the beautiful Greek. His parents and sisters are still in shock and his lawyer says: “We should treat Teo like a sick kid, because he is after all.” The young man was the symbol of the American dream for years – child, brought up in poverty, vegetables dealer, who reached the international runways. Teo had his own American dream as well, which made him give up the runway and to go to the New York Film Academy, where he was studying acting. A dream, which right now looks buried deeply under coke powder.

So, what did we know about Teo Teodoridis before the fatal Sunday night on February 15th, when he was caught on the airport in Sofia while trying to pass the border with a fake passport? We knew he was born in Köln, in a family of Greek immigrants, only son in the company of four sisters. He never hid the fact he was brought up in a poor family. When he was 8 years old his family moves to Thessaloniki and Teo starts training martial arts. After his army service he gives up playing sports and for some time he sells vegetables at the local market. This is how a model agency finds him. From that moment on his road to success is only a question of time.

His expressive eyes, the beautiful features of his face and his sculpted muscles start guaranteeing him more and more prestigious jobs. Teo’s enchanting attitude on the runway makes him one of the most popular models worldwide. There is no one famous fashion show, in which he doesn’t parti

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