Salim Wardeh

Name : Salim Wardeh
Gender: Male
Father: ِAziz Warda
Mother: Yollande Estphane
Born: October 1, 1968 ( 48 years )
Country: Lebanon
Place of birth: Zahleh
Lebanese Ministers
Partners & Children
p: Nidal
    c: Aziz Wardeh
    c: Mary Wardeh
Biography of Salim  
Salim Wardy was born in Zahle Lebanon in October 1,1968. His father is Aziz Wardy and her mother Yoland Stephan.
He is married to Nidal Hakim and has two children,Mary and Aziz.

Salim Wardy is a graduate of Beirut University College,Beirut Lebanon, with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management (1991).

Salim Wardy was nominated Minister of Culture in PM Saad Hariri’s cabinet on november 2009.

Career Achievements

General Manager of "SOLIFED" copmany S.A.L
Vice President of the "Syndicata of alcohol,wines and spirits drinks in Lebanon"
Secretary of the "Union of Vine and Wine in Lebanon"
Member of the "Association of Lebanese Industrialists"
Member of the "Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Zahle and the Bekaa"
Member of the Board of Directors of "Tel Shiha Hospital"
Member of the Board of Trustees of the "Antonine University - Branch of the Bekaa"

    November 11, 2009 :    Elected Minister of Culture of Lebanon
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