Mohamed Abou Al-Wafa Al-Buzjani

Name : Mohamed Abou Al-Wafa Al-Buzjani
Gender: Male
Born: June 10, 940 ( 58 years )
Place of birth: Buzjan (near Jam), Khorasan region (now
Passed Away: July 15, 998
Place Of Death : Baghdad (now
Biography of Mohamed Abou Al-Wafa  
Abu'l-Wafa was brought up during the period that a new dynasty was being established which would rule over Iran. The Buyid Islamic dynasty ruled in western Iran and Iraq from 945 to 1055 in the period between the Arab and Turkish conquests. The period began in 945 when Ahmad Buyeh occupied the 'Abbasid capital of Baghdad. The high point of the Buyid dynasty was during the reign of 'Adud ad-Dawlah from 949 to 983. He ruled from Baghdad over all southern Iran and most of what is now Iraq. A great patron of science and the arts, 'Adud ad-Dawlah supported a number of mathematicians and Abu'l-Wafa moved to 'Adud ad-Dawlah's court in Baghdad in 959. Abu'l-Wafa was not the only distinguished scientist at the Caliph's court in Baghdad, for outstanding mathematicians such as al-Quhi and al-Sijzi also worked there. Sharaf ad-Dawlah was 'Adud ad-Dawlah's son and he became Caliph in 983. He continued to support mathematics and astronomy and Abu'l-Wafa and al-Quhi remained at the court in Baghdad working for the new Caliph. Sharaf ad-Dawlah required an observatory to be set up, and it was built in the garden of the palace in Baghdad. The observatory was officially opened in June 988 with a number of famous scientists present such as al-Quhi and Abu'l-Wafa. The instruments in the observatory included a quadrant over 6 metres long and a stone sextant of 18 metres. Abu'l-Wafa is said to have been the first to build a wall quadrant to observe the stars. However, the caliph Sharaf ad-Dawlah died in the following year and the observatory was closed. Like many scientist of his period, Abu'l-Wafa translated and wrote commentaries, which have since been lost, on the works of Euclid, Diophantus and al-Khwarizmi. Some time between 961 and 976 he wrote Kitab fi ma yahtaj ilayh al-kuttab wa'l-ummal min 'ilm al-hisab (Book on what Is necessary from the science of arithmetic for scribes and busi
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