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About peoplemon is a worldwide family and people network that virtually connects members of the same family and links various families with each other. Through Katagogi, you can build your family tree, preserve your heritage, discover relatives and trace your family’s history to the earliest ancestor up until the last newborn. It is also a place where you can easily explore public figures, biographies, family trees, photo albums and much more!
Katagogi's Philosophy
    .  Katagogi's Mission
      To organize and safely store family trees as well as profiles, and provide the easiest genealogy tools to help family members virtually connect with one another and preserve their family heritage.
    .  Katagogi's Vision
      Build the simplest family and people network that will allow individuals to preserve their heritage, connect with their family as well as other families, discover ancestors and research profiles wherever they are.
Katagogi's Features
    1. Create your own profile and stay in touch with your parents and relatives.
    2. Build your family tree, preserve your heritage and discover ancestors.
    3. Launch your family book and insert information about your family’s history online.
    4. Share photo albums with your family around the world and let them experience your joy.
    5. Begin your timeline and tell your life story in an interesting scheme.
    6. Make an event or group to gather all your family members anywhere anytime.
    7. Search our database and discover millions of profiles, biographies, family trees, photo galleries and SSDI records of people you never knew.
    8. Generate your own blog or website to voice your opinions.
    9. Subscribe to our e-newsletter and receive weekly news about your favorite topics and people.
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